A C D E H I L M P R S T U 


circleIntegral(Complex, double) - Method in class com.waltermilner.complex.ComplexFunction
The numerical integral of the function over a circle.
com.waltermilner.complex - package com.waltermilner.complex
A library to support complex numbers and functions.
Complex - Class in com.waltermilner.complex
This class models a complex variable.
Complex(double, double) - Constructor for class com.waltermilner.complex.Complex
Construct a new complex number.
Complex(Complex) - Constructor for class com.waltermilner.complex.Complex
Copy constructor.
Complex() - Constructor for class com.waltermilner.complex.Complex
Default no-arg constructor.
ComplexException - Exception in com.waltermilner.complex
This class models a basic exception sub-class
ComplexException(String) - Constructor for exception com.waltermilner.complex.ComplexException
ComplexFunction - Class in com.waltermilner.complex
This abstract class models a function of a complex variable.
ComplexFunction() - Constructor for class com.waltermilner.complex.ComplexFunction
conjugate() - Method in class com.waltermilner.complex.Complex
Complex conjugate
cos(Complex) - Static method in class com.waltermilner.complex.Complex
Cosine of a complex number.
cr(Complex) - Method in class com.waltermilner.complex.ComplexFunction
Does the function satisfy the Cauchy-Riemann conditions at z = z0.