Computer Science

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This website contains a set of study materials relating to Computer Science.

The topics and levels are around that of the UK QAA Subject Benchmarks for Computing Level 1, US Advanced Placement course, UK Advanced Level, International Baccaleaureate, Cambridge International examinations.

The theory pages are general and do not refer to any specific programming language, operating system or hardware type. The practice pages concern Java, Python, C, x86 assembler, Linux, TCP/IP, html5, CSS and so on. Neither theory nor practice would make much sense on their own. Students need to both have practical expertise and understand the underlying ideas.

Students need to check the syllabus of the qualification they are studying for - they are unlikely to require all the material here. They also should pick out the programming languages and platforms they use.

None of this is complete - I do not suppose it ever will be. Please send comments and corrections to w.w.milner at