Vande 4.0 : plot graphs

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Adjust axes limits : mouse drag, use mouse wheel, or

x goes from to
y goes from to

Mouse is at

Plot an expression as a function of x, such as x+1, or m*x+c, or x*sin(x), or f(x+1) if you have defined function f.
The expression:

Integers only?

Parameter: New value:
Or use the slider:
From: To:

Parameter to change:
From: To:
How many steps:

The parameter is 't'
Vary t from
y expression in terms of t
x expression

Use 't' for the angle θ
Vary t from
Expression for r in terms of t

Expression for dy/dx in terms of y and x
Starting at x =
and y =

Plot a function defined as a series, as the sum of the terms
of a series defined in terms of n
Vary n from to
Each term =

Plot a relation defined implicitly
= 0

Plot the integral of a function of x
The function:

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